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zVisuel has been active since 2001 developing 3D applications and 3D graphics content. Below are a few examples.

PlanogramBuilder - 3D Merchandising Software
Plan and optimize your product placement in retail space with PlanogramBuilder.


Our 3d visual merchandising software is deployed entirely online. This offers several advantages, in particular the possibility to update your product set at any time without requiring any new install.

PlanogramBuilder is used by leaders such as Procter & Gamble, Logitech, Britvic to maximise their sales.

Thermo Fisher Scientific - Product presentation

Thermo Fisher Scientific ARL PERFORM'X Spectrometer is presented in detail in this 8 minute 3D animation.

Philip Morris - Architectural visualization

We also can help you preview your architectural concept, such as this open air Marlboro bar for the Paleo music festival.

Watch industry - Interactive 3D training

zVisuel has created several interactive training applications for the watch induxtry, such as for Cartier, Longines or the Swiss certificate of watch sales advisor.

Simulate complex mechanisms interactively and in realtime. zVisuel technology enables a high level of precision and rendering quality, with full compatibility on standard Windows PC's, such as laptops used by your sales force.

Retraites Populaires - 3D interactive visits

With Retraites Populaires, we have created promotional web sites to promote new apartment projects, in which visitors can view virtual visits and obtain detailed information about the objects for rent.

Retraites Populaires - Interactive visits

The major benefit of this solution is to allow anybody interested in the apartments getting a good understanding of the proposed spaces even before construction is achieved, this from the comfort of their home.

3D animations

Our 3D animations help you visualize and present your company, products or prototypes, places or processes. They can be shown on any media such as DVD, video, Internet or large screens.

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View a few samples in this video clip

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